About Us

Welcome to Visionary Academy

Leaders in future-focused learning

Visionary Academy hires Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) with teaching experience and professional counsellors to provide each student with a customized study plan and individualized academic support. Visionary Academy aims to ensure that students enter their ideal universities, as well as integrate into this international metropolitan city and enjoy its lifestyle.

Visionary Academy offers Ontario Secondary School credit courses from Grade 9 to 12. We offer small classes to meet the needs of all learners and we offer one-to-one professional tutoring. Along with after school activities, Visionary Academy creates the best study and living environment to cultivate an enthusiasm for learning. In order to meet the needs of every student, our school has implemented an after school program that encompasses all grades and subjects to provide a full service for international students.

Our Vision

Inspired by our rapidly evolving world, we are a model for schools in offering interdisciplinary, experiential programs and partnerships, with technology, entrepreneurship and global connectivity at the forefront. At Visionary Academy, we focus on the individual child, the whole person and a balanced life. We give each student transformative learning experiences rooted in inquiry.


In nurturing their innate curiosity and the courage to ask “why,” we empower our students with both a clear sense of self and a strong sense of belonging—they become who they are, and feel supported on their journey.


With the belief that action reflects character, we ensure each student has a voice for change and opportunities to lead. Quietly bold or fearlessly spirited, they become global citizens with a purpose.


By helping our students explore and develop their unique talents in academics, athletics and the arts, we enable them to experience the joy of self-discovery and shared achievements.

IELTS Training and Test Center

IELTS results are recognized by every Canadian University. IELTS consists of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each component is assessed independently with the highest band score being 9 and the general required score is 6.5.

Our school offers training courses for IELTS. Also, Visionary Academy is an official IELTS test center which can hold more than 60 test candidates. Visionary Academy students are at an advantage as they are al­ready familiar with the venue and equipment ahead of time.