Course List

Some of Courses offered at Visionary Academy


English as a Second Language, Level 1, Open ESLAO
English as a Second Language, Level 2, Open ESLBO
English as a Second Language, Level 3, Open ESLCO
English as a Second Language, Level 4, Open ESLDO
English as a Second Language, Level 5, Open ESLEO

Grade 10

English (Academic) ENG2D
Principles of Mathematics (Academic) MPM2D
Science (Academic) SNC2D
Canadian History in the Twentieth Century (Academic)
Career Studies (Open) GLC2O, and Civics (Open) CHV2O
Intro to Computer Studies (Open) ICS2O
Food & Nutrition (Open) HFN2O
Integrated Arts (Open) ALC2O

Grade 11

English (University Preparation) ENG3U, 2007
Functions and Relations (University Preparation) MCR3U, 2006
Biology (University Preparation) SBI3U,
Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes & Interactions (University/College Prep) CGF3M,
American History (University Preparation) CHA3U
Healthy Active Living (Open) PPL30,
Visual Arts (University/College Preparation) AVI3M
Food and Culture (University/College Preparation) HFC3M

Grade 12

English (University Preparation) ENG4U, 2007
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, Grade 12, Open, OSSLC
Advanced Functions (University Preparation) MHF4U
Mathematics of Data Management (University Preparation) MDM4U, 2007
Calculus and Vectors (University Preparation) MCV4U
Biology (University Preparation) SBI4U,
Visual Arts (University/College Preparation) AVI4M
Nutrition and Health (University Preparation) HFA4U
Canada: History, Identity & Culture (University Preparation) CHI4U