Elite Program

Canada Elite Assurance Class Program

Our school boasts the "Canada Elite Assurance Class Program" for students aspiring to enter a top Canadian university. By signing a contract with both parents and students, we offer an alternative to high-achieving students. Through efficient, intense, strict and strengthened one-to-one instruction, our tutors guarantee graduates' entry to any of the 10 top universities. If the student meets requirements but is not admitted by any of the 10 top universities, we offer a refund according to the agreement.

Admission requirements:

- Senior secondary students as well as first-year university students can apply. Good academic results and good English grades are required.
- An overall band score of 5.5 or above in IELTS or a total score of 70 points in TOEFL (students without English test results can participate in the Visionary Academy School English exam).
- Students who do not meet the above two conditions may apply for our normal pro­gram. When their grades are up to the standard, they can proceed to the Elite Assur­ance Class.
- Good health, good learning habits, and good personal conduct is compulsory.

Course settings:

- IELTS training of 110-200 hours, including evenings and weekends.
- Senior secondary school credit courses formulated by the Ministry of Education of Ontario.
- Two AP courses (pre-university) are included.
- Experienced supervisory teachers formulate a tailor-made study plan for students.
- 1-on-1 training: further personalized counselling for exploring potential.
- Special mentorship in maintaining close contact with students and providing them with guidance in study and daily life.
- A school advisory team formed by the principal, subject teacher and supervisory teacher which regularly discusses progress of students in each Elite Assurance Class.
- Challenge for credit, credit recovery program and partnership with governmental online course system(TVO) allow students to achieve all necessary goals(to accumu­late credits at a faster pace).


- In grades 11 and 12, course selection is very important to students because it af­fects their future choice of discipline at university and career paths.
- Students are required to complete Ontario senior secondary school courses and obtain 85% in every subject before June when applying to a university in the same year.
- Before March in the same year, students should complete and pass the Ontario Sec­ondary School Literacy Test or complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC40).
- Completion of 40 hours of Community Involvement.
- Overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS (not lower than 6.5 in reading and writing and not lower than 6 in listening and speaking).
- Students should maintain good attendance, complete all homework, tests and as­signments without plagiarism and other disciplinary problems.

List of the 10 Top Canadian Universities designated under the pledge: