Summer/ Winter Camp


In order to fulfill different needs of international students, Visionary Academy holds sev­eral kinds of camps every summer and winter. Whether you want to experi­ence Canadian culture, develop your leadership, improve your English (IELTS) or even get Canadian course credits, you will always find an appro­priate camp for you.

Visionary Academy has successfully run summer and winter camps for years. We aim to help all international students: future and current at Visionary Academy. A schedule for each camp is well planned and time is also allotted for both studying and relaxing.

Different activities are arranged according to different seasons. Summers, for example, would be a perfect time to have a ferry cruise right next to Ni­agara Falls. During the Winter, we offer more activities on ice, such as skat­ing, curling or Hockey.

Don't worry if you can't find a camp you love yet! Visionary Academy will design one that meets your demands!