Principal's Message

Principal's Message

A message to our students,

"When you think beyond your limits... It becomes your Dream. When you accomplished it... It becomes the Dream for others."

We all dream! Within our dreams, we are happy, adventurous, possess superpowers, and always lead and inspire. So, what stops us from living out our dreams in our real lives? Nothing!

At Visionary Academy, we stick firmly to the idea that great academic success without spiritual, moral, social and cultural development cannot create a person of character (a true leader). We instill positive collaborative culture that is fostered trough relationships with the very best of teachers, and acknowledge unique abilities in every student. Because of this, we provide our students with an educational experience that allows them to reach their full potential. We invite you to become a Visionary Academy team player!

With all that said, it is also important to point out that there is no real success without hard work and a bit of struggle. Remember, when it gets tough, you are the real key to your own success. When it gets extremely tough, try to envision yourself as in your dreams – someone, who is bright, compassionate, strong, and someone who helps to build a better world of tomorrow.

Welcome to Visionary Academy, a place where we will inspire you to be your best, to become a leader, and a master of your own future!


Dr. Zina Chernyavska,

Visionary Academy