online course

Visionary Academy Online Course

Course title and subject area

The first letter in the course code refers to the subject area:
A The Arts
B Business Studies
C Canadian and World Studies
E English
F French
G Guidance and Career
H Social Sciences and Humanities
I Computer Studies
M Mathematics
N Native Studies
S Science
T Tech

Grade level:
1 Grade 9
2 Grade 10
3 Grade 11
4 Grade 12

Science-Grade 9

Science (SNC1D-A)
Science (SNC1P-B)

Science-Grade 10

Science (SNC2D-B)
Science (SNC2P-B)

Science-Grade 11

Biology (SBI3U-C)
Biology (SBI3C-B)
Chemistry (SCH3U-C)
Physics (SPH3U-C)
Environmental Science (SVN3M-A)
Environmental Science (SVN3E-A)

Science-Grade 12

Science (SNC4M-B)
Science (SNC4E-B)
Biology (SBI4U-C)
Chemistry (SCH4U-C)
Chemistry (SCH4C-B)
Physics (SPH4U-C)
Physics (SPH4C-B)
Earth and Space Science (SES4U-B)

Social Sciences and Humanities-Grade 11

Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (HSP3U-A)
World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, lssues, and Challenges (HRT3M-A)
Raising Healthy Children (HPC3O-B)
Social Sciences and Humanities-Grade 12
Families in Canada (HHS4U-A)
Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U-A)
Philosophy: Questions and Theories (HZT4U-B)
World Cultures (HSC4M-A)

Technological Education-Grade 11

Hospitality and Tourism (TFJ3C-A)

Technological Education-Grade 12

Child Development and Gerontology(TOJ4C-A)